Monday, February 7, 2011

The Latest Goods

Well, after I said I would be posting with all these common updates and everything, you can clearly see that I haven't. I lied when I said I would. So in apology, I have a lovely picture-less feed of what I have recently gotten for the girls.

-Kit's Nighttime Necessities
-PWP Sweater Coat Set
-MyAG Western Hat
-Kit's Winter Coat
-Kit's Reporter Set
-Molly's Christmas Dress
-Molly's Shoes and Socks
-Molly's Lunchbox
-Kit's School Supplies

and finally... the limited edition Samantha Holiday Mini Doll!

Ahh. That was all accumulated over four, yes four, trips to AGP-Chicago this past holiday season. Perhaps in a few months I'll let you all catch a glimpse with a photo.

Meanwhile, Petra is sitting in her room in a makeshift sari for some reason. She says "hi". But she can't talk- ha!

But also as a super cool, extra special treat to myself....I bought a bunch of GREAT things off craigslist. Ooh!

-AGoT Bunkbeds
-Kaya's Jingle Dress
-AGT Radiant Rhinestone Outfit
-AGoT Play Outfit
-Exclusive American Girl Review Jitterbug Outfit

and the things I'm most proud of:

-Lindsey's Scooter
-Lindsey's Laptop

It's been a good start to the year in doll world terms. The dolls also have a new room configuration due to these new additions. Pics soon! Can't wait to see the new historical!


Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hey guys!

Alright, so on this blog I'm going to be posting all my activity having to do with my American Girl dolls and books. I love AG and am always getting new things or taking pictures of my dolls, so I thought it'd be fun to share!
I have three dolls: Petra Allegre Anders (MyAG #12), Kaya, and Samantha Parkington

Well I hope you'll continue to visit and see what I have in store for this blog!